Door opener Key Chain

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 at checkout please note the color desired. 
*Door Opener & Button Pusher
*Reduce Contact with germs
*Contactless Door opener
*Do not carry entire keys by door opener. 
*Do not leave in extreme temps. 
*Do not clean with harsh chemicals. Clean with warm soap and water.
*Do not soak in water.
Slow the spread of germs by using your touchless door opener to open any public door and push all the buttons you need on keypads. You can customize yours today!
These are custom made resin items. 
Please Leave the color you would like at check out. If a solid color, just note “solid red” ect. 
**due to every single being handmade and the nature of the product, not all looking the exact same, they will not look exactly like the picture shown above but very near what is shown. A common and uncontrollable aspect of resin is air bubbles and slight bumps which are unavoidable however I do my best to get rid of them when noticed. I also fix and fill in whatever imperfections I see after making.